Robot Ninja

Robot Ninja is inspired by the creative, colourful and sometimes crazy culture of urban Tokyo. On the surface, the nature of the city and the people appear deceivingly innocent, disciplined, clean, polite and mildmannered. Look deeper and you will discover an underlying world of danger, lust, excess, perversion and a virtual plethora of unmentionable sins. While traditional Japanese brands reference the respectable, traditional vision of Japan, Robot Ninja however, revels in the underworld. Celebrating the colourful dark side of Tokyo and all of the excitement and electricity that is a part of the whole experience.

As the world’s first premium crafted Japanese style beer and cider range, Robot Ninja uses a unique blend of ingredients to create beverages that are in a world of their own in terms of flavour and character. Like a wild night out in Shinjuku, they have to be experienced to be believed.

Robot Ninja Pale Ale exposes the fusion of American and Japanese cultures in this easy to drink beer. Lay back malt flavour with a touch of rice and caramel notes, and refreshing finish of Japanese Sorachi Ace and American hops giving this beer unique qualities with Moorish slight citrus and fruity notes

The Robot Ninja range is available in:
• Sorachi Lager
• Sorachi Pale Ale (NEW)
• Fuji Apple Cider (coming soon)