El Torero

In order to discover the true history of Sangria, we have to go back hundreds of years, when the world seemed much larger, modern history was unwritten, and vineyards were beginning to spread across the Iberian peninsula. When the Romans conquered Spain around 200 BC they brought with them their viticulture knowledge and a love of spiced wine. The Spaniards began producing their own red wine, which they would add fruit, brandy and spice. The wine was named ‘Sangria’ after Sangre, Spanish for blood, due to it’s deep red colour.

El Torero (Spanish for the bullfighter) Sangria is handcrafted in the traditional Spanish Sangria style. This exquisite wine blend shows aromas of blood orange and sweet dark berries. The palate displays lifted sweet cherry and blackberry flavours with hints of orange rind. A clean, refreshing wine with a lingering finish that leaves you wanting more and more. Best served chilled or over ice, our Sangria blend is the ultimate summer sipper.