Bevlab Superfruits

After first recognising the Superfruit phenomenon in Europe in 2006, the BEVLAB research and development team commenced work on the technology to produce the first alcoholic (ready to drink) beverage derived from an exotic blend of Superfruits.

Each of the BEVLAB Superfruits varietals are produced using a unique infusion of popular Superfruit flavours such as Cranberry and Blueberry. The end result is a range of alcoholic beverages that are progressive in nature, superior in quality and clean, crisp and refreshing in taste.

ABV – 8% alc/vol
12 x 500ml bottle

Available in:
• BLUEBERRY - An infusion of Blueberry juice, mixed Superfruits and alcoholic soda
• CRANBERRY - A progressive infusion of Cranberry juice, mixed Superfruits and alcoholic soda
• BERRY BLISS - A new age Superfruit beverage of Cranberry and Blueberry infused with alcoholic soda