Tokoeka Estate

On the South Island of New Zealand resides the Tokoeka (Maori for brown kiwi). Maori legend tells the story of a brave little bird who gave up its sanctuary in the forest roof to live in the cold damp forest floor, sacrificing both its home and its wings to protect others. It was this great sacrifice that lead to the Tokoeka becoming New Zealand’s most well known and loved bird.

From New Zealand’s premier wine region of Marlborough, Tokoeka Estate wines show herbaceous aromatics and vividly pure fruit flavours. Within the region, viticulture has been developed primarily on sites with moderate low fertility and a noticeably stony, sandy loam top soil overlying deep layers of free-draining shingle. These shallow, fast draining, low fertility soils help to produce a lush, aromatic ripe wine because they reduce the vines vigour. Where a more herbaceous style is desired, sites with greater water retentive soils and moderate fertility are chosen.

The Tokoeka Estate range is available in:
• Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
• Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
• Marlborough Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
• Marlborough Pinot Gris
• Marlborough Pinot Noir