Creative Premium Butterscotch Schnapps

The Creative brand is synonymous with producing only the finest quality handcrafted liqueurs. Our experienced master distiller and state of the art facilities ensures that the quality of our traditional style schnapps is consistent with the rich history it represents. Produced using premium neutral grain spirit with an infusion of molten butterscotch flavour, the Creative Premium Schnapps is smooth and velvety with seductively sweet characters of toasted butterscotch. Traditionally served as an ice cold shot, our schnapps can be chilled over ice or blended to create premium quality cocktails.

Popular cocktails containing butterscotch schnapps include:
• Buttery Nipple
• Slippery Nipple
• Cowboy
• Vegas Bomb
• Copper Camel
• Oatmeal Cookie
• Candy Apple Martini
• Apple Pie Shot

Available in 700mL bottles at 20% ABV.