Available in five flavours, the Elevate range contains 8% alcohol by volume and is a refreshing blend of alcoholic soda infused with guarana, taurine, aloe vera and superfruits.

The Elevate range is available in:
• GUARANA – Alcoholic soda infused with guarana and citrus flavour.
• TAURINE – A revitalising mix of soda and taurine with a subtle hint of berry flavour.
• GUARANA & TAURINE – An energising blend of two popular Elevate varieties Guarana and Taurine.
• ALOE VERA – A refreshing mix of alcoholic soda and aloe vera with a hint of guarana.
• SUPERFRUIT – Invigorating superfruits blended with alcoholic soda and berry flavours.

Available in:
• 4 x 300mL packs
• 10 x 300mL fridge packs
• 12 x 300mL Trio Mixed pack
(4 x Guarana, 4 x Taurine, 4 x Guarana & Taurine)