Fighting Three Radicals! Introducing BEV-LAB and the new Superfruits range


Onbev are excited to announce the unveiling of the BEV-LAB department where energy is channeled into the development of new age, progressive beverage products that are ground-breaking in composition and flavour.

A first of its kind, we introduce the Superfruits range. Each of the BEV-LAB Superfruits varietals are produced using a unique infusion of popular Superfruit flavours such as Cranberry and Blueberry. The end result is a range of alcoholic beverages that are progressive in nature, superior in quality and clean, crisp and refreshing in taste.

BEV-LAB Superfruits
8% alc/vol
Sold in 500mL bottles or cases of 12 x 500mL bottles

Available in three flavours:
• BLUEBERRY – An infusion of Blueberry juice, mixed Superfruits and alcoholic soda
• CRANBERRY – A progressive infusion of Cranberry juice, mixed Superfruits and alcoholic soda
• BERRY BLISS – A new age Superfruit beverage of Cranberry and Blueberry infused with alcoholic soda

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